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Event Venue Columbus Ohio United States

Municipal Light Plant

Wedding venue

banquet hall

event space

meeting room

conference roomPower plant wedding

Power plant ceremony

Industrial wedding

Industrial venue

Vintage wedding

Vintage ceremony

Vintage event venue

Light plant wedding

Light plant ceremony

Old fashioned wedding venue

Old fashioned ceremony

Historic building wedding

Historic event space

Historic wedding venue

Historic venue columbus

20th century venue 

20th century event space

Rustic wedding

Rustic event space

Unique event space

Unique wedding

Unique ceremony

Factory wedding

Factory event space

Restored building event

Restored building wedding

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Sophisticated, Unique, & Timeless.

for any occasion...

The Annex's open floorspace sunlit through the century old window arches, a perfect place for a corporate meeting or small party..
The lower Cellar floorspace awaiting it's next conference, event or banquet.
The grand Generator Room filled with dangling chandeliers, luxurious reception decor, white clothed tables and glass chairs, all ready for a wedding ceremony.

host it at the municipal Light Plant

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